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Why advertise

Attention: Our research indicates that our attention rate is 95%.

Digital: It’s a dynamic media that facilitates the production and broadcast of content. Besides being cheaper, it has the flexibility to do a rotation of communication and even adjustments halfway through.

Agility: Being digital gives us speed to publish campaigns, change content and still follow the process in real time with the Online Checking Tool.

Quality: We act as business owners. This is a strong point of ours and it shows in our performance this year with our dedication, delivery and results acquired in all areas of the company.

Where are we?



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Solutions we offer


A solution that allows you to customize your ad through geolocation. You automatically and immediately reach our audience, within the distance required for your product or service.

Build Your Ad

A complete tool where the advertiser receives an ad building system with a wide variety of possibilities. With it, you can change text, photo, video and several other customizable elements.

Online Publisher

It allows agencies and advertisers to change their advertising pieces according to the communication needs, at the moment they deem appropriate, with full autonomy. With predefined templates, you can change the variable fields quickly and easily, over the internet.

Dynamic Media

It’s an Elemidia feature that automatically links ads to certain variable data, such as day of the week, room temperature, time of day, currency quote, among others.

Sponsored Content

A solution where the advertiser links the brand to a news coverage, such as Sports, Economy, Technology, Entertainment, among others. This feature increases the perception of the brands, associated with the contents that carry the credibility and relevance of Elemidia.

Special projects

Countrywide coverage

A Elemidia está presente em 53 cidades, distribuída em 16 estados. Com mais de 16 mil telas instaladas em diversos canais, impactamos mais de 20 milhões de pessoas semanalmente.

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