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Elemidia is a strategic communication channel for the digital out-of-home media segment (DOOH) which belongs to Victoria Capital Partners portfolio. Its 100% digital structure and know-how enable the distribution of dynamic and relevant content, contributing to its biggest differential: high level of attention from the audience with an average of 95% according to Datafolha institute. A pioneering and innovative spirit is intrinsic to the brand from its roots until today, with our continuous improvement and expansion. Available in 48 Brazilian cities with screens in elevators of commercial and residential buildings, as well as shopping malls and commercial establishments, Elemidia becomes relevant in the most important moments of people’s daily lives.

ícone de visão


To become the most admired and relevant brand
among the media in the markets in
which it operates.

ícone de valores


  • Customer success is our priority:
    we’re committed to our
    customer’s returns.
  • Qualidade é nossa obsessão: buscamos ser os melhores em tudo que fazemos, sem abrir mão da agilidade.
  • Somos inovadores: criamos o futuro sem medo do novo, nos adaptando facilmente às mudanças.
  • Agimos como donos do negócio: temos paixão por fazer acontecer, com foco em resultado, espírito empreendedor e senso de urgência.
  • Valorizamos ideias e pessoas: temos um ambiente aberto, com respeito, ética e trabalho em equipe.

Our content

Elemidia stands out for its journalistic content. There are over 100 publishing partners, among them are some of the largest in the world and the country, such as BBC, El País, Reuters, Editora Abril and Globo. With these sources, we reaffirm the commitment to be a reliable source of what happens in Brazil and the world. The content partners bring credibility to Elemidia and make our coverage relevant. To carry out the detailed curation and content editing distributed to Elemidia’s 16.000 screens in Brazil, we have a team of journalists who are dedicated to specific areas – politics, international affairs, economy, sports and entertainment. On average, between 250 and 300 news articles are published daily and nearly 9.000 monthly. To make the experience of each viewer unique and ideal at the time, we distribute the content through an intelligent system that segments the audience, environment, time slot and day of the week to deliver the most relevant personalized news to each of the points we are in. Thus, we capture and retain very high levels of audience attention. The combination of quality editorial partners, curatorship and segmented news distribution generates excellent results: in residential buildings, 98% of residents consider Elemidia a modern and innovative medium. In addition, 97% says they like Elemidia, and 96% of viewers, both residential and commercial, believe that Elemidia brings useful information.

Corporate Governance

Our Team

Great Place to Work

Every day we dedicate ourselves to building a harmonious, engaging and constructive environment with our employees.

As a reflection of our commitment, this year we received the GreatPlaceToWork (GPTW) certification, an important international institute that recognizes organizations that value people.

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