Elemidia is available in various places and has exclusive communication that entertains and informs the various audiences that move through the environment, in addition to serving as a means of communication between the administrator and people in a location. If you would like Elemidia in your condo, learn more about the system and contact us.

Office Building
Shopping Mall
Advertising Agency
Office Building

With screens in the lobby and inside elevators, Elemidia has over 1000 points installed throughout Brazil. In order for a new building to join the Elemidia network, the location of the building, floor area (in m2), traffic flow and the companies with offices in the building are taken into account. Our system allows the apartment complex to have an exclusive slot for communicating with the building population.


Over 80 gyms have the Elemidia system in Brazil, providing content selected to inform and entertain this public during a time of the day when they are decompressing. Gyms also take the advantage to display class schedules and important notices for members on our screens, using an online feed system.


Dedicated to providing information and service to consumers while shopping, Elemidia screens distributed in the country’s supermarkets also offer the advantage of showing sales on the establishment’s products and services.

Shopping Mall

Brazil’s shopping malls rely on a communication channel to feature brands, products and services. Elemidia screens are strategically spread throughout high traffic locations, such as food courts, main entryways and hallways.


With foot traffic from tourists and business travelers year round in the top cities in the country, Elemidia screens occupy elevators and entrances at the largest hotel chains.


Focused on serving young undergraduate students, Elemidia screens are strategically placed in higher learning institutions nationwide, with quality content, while also serving as a channel of communication between the school and its students.


Waiting rooms, high traffic hallways, and common areas are where Elemidia screens are installed. This way, physicians, patients, companions and the hospital itself benefit from the content provided by Elemidia.

Advertising Agency

A channel in partnership with Meio & Mensagem, with news on the advertising market and the most relevant content on the economy and market.

Relationship Center

After every new point installation, Elemidia provides a specialized team to serve our customer, offering:


Elemidia provides a service center to provide support to the audience regarding the equipment and system, in addition to taking questions, criticism, and suggestions about our products.


A specialized team monitors the entire Elemidia network 7 days a week (from 8am to 7pm) in order to identify and solve errors in any point of the network, remotely or by sending a team to the location.


An account executive offers support to the locality, prepares the team that will handle the publishing system, verifies that all equipment is working and guarantees service quality for the point.

Information Panel

A system exclusive to Elemidia that allows the point’s administrator to communicate with the public frequenting the location. Notifices, commemorative messages, class schedules (in gyms) and incentive campaigns are easily published on screens. *The system is provided exclusively for office buildings, hotels, universities, gyms, and hospitals.

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