About Elemidia

Elemidia is a strategic communications media channel for the out of home media segment. Its structure and know-how make it possible to distribute dynamic and relevant content, which gives it its main edge: a high level of audience attention. Pioneering and innovative spirit are intrinsic to the brand. Created in 2003, Elemidia has quickly become the leader in the out of home digital media segment in Latin America. Today, the company’s operations have gone far beyond elevators in office buildings that made it a name in the market and are now also distributed in places such as shopping malls, hotels, universities, gyms and supermarkets. As a reference in digital out of home market, Elemidia has over 1700 advertisers annually in its portfolio. Present in more than 80 cities and 19 states country wide, aside from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Elemidia is the only company with national presence in Brazil.  



To become the most admired and relevant brand among the media in the markets in which it operates.


  • Customer success is our priority: we are committed to the outcome of the customer.
  • Quality is our obsession: we seek to be the best in everything we do, without giving up agility.
  • We are innovative: we create the future without fear of the new, adapting easily to the changes.
  • We act as business owners: we have a passion for making things happen, focusing on results, entrepreneurship and a sense of urgency.
  • We value ideas and people: we have an open environment, with respect, ethics and teamwork.

Corporate governance

Elemidia maintains governance structures appropriate to the Company and is guided by the best Governance Practices of the Brazilian Corporate Governance Institute (IBCG). Elemidia has a Board of Directors comprised of representatives of Victoria Capital Partners and independent directors. The president of Elemidia reports to this council and runs the Company’s business.

Independent Board Members

Marcelo Lacerda

Mr. Lacerda is the co-founder of Nutec Informatica (1986), currently known as Terra. In 2001, Terra was the biggest internet company in Latin America, present in 19 countries. Mr. Lacerda held various executive positions at the company, having worked in Brazil, Spain and in the U.S.. Mr. Larcerda is also co-founder of the F.biz advertising agency. Currently, Mr. Lacerda is the founder and Vice-President of Blue Interactive, a Cable TV company with 160,000 subscribers and operations in 23 cities. He is also founder and President of the Board of Magnopus, a graphic computer company with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. Mr. Lacerda holds Bachelors of Eletric Engineering and Computer Science degrees from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul.

Silvio Genesini

Mr. Genesini is member of the Board of Grupo Algar and Localfrio. He is also an independent member of Cnova NV and current mentor of Endeavor, through which he became part of the Consultative Council of Arizona and ZUP. He is also president of LIDE Tecnologia. Previously, he was president of Grupo Estado, from Oracle Brazil, and co-director of Accenture. Mr. Genesini holds a Bachelor of Production Engineering degree from Escola Politécnica da USP.

Marcelo Lacerda
Silvio Genesini

Board Members

Mario Spinola

Managing partner at Victoria capital partners

Alexandre Dias

Senior partner at Victoria capital partners

Rafael Mendes

Partner at Victoria capital partners

Ivan Amaral

Inv professional at Victoria capital partners

Elemidia Management Team

Eduardo Alvarenga – CEO

Mr. Alvarenga installed the first display in elevators of office buildings in Brazil in 2000. He founded NovaVista a year later, the first company in the digital OOH media sector, which was later acquired by Elemidia. He was also the founder of E+ Tech. Mr. Alvarenga holds a Bachelor of Electric Engineering degree from Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia.

Ricardo Winandy – CFO

Mr. Winandy has 13 years of experience in the Media Industry. His previous experiences include Planning/Financial Manager positions at Elemidia and MTV Brasil, and other financial positions at Grupo Abril and Casa Cor. Mr. Winandy holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from FGV.

Rodrigo Cadena – COO

Mr. Cadena has been with the firm for 13 years, holding multiple positions within the System Operations area. He is also responsible for new projects. Mr. Cadena holds a Bachelor of Computer Network Administration degree from Instituto Brasileiro de Tecnologia Avançada and earned an MBA in IT Strategic Administration from FGV.

Lúcio Schneider – CMO

Mr. Schneider has more than 15 years of professional experience in commercial strategy. His previous experiences include marketing, business and operations positions at RBS, Terra, Telefonica and Eletromidia.

Claudio Ferreira – National Commercial Director

Mr. Ferreira has 32 years of experience in Sales. His previous experiences include commercial positions at Grupo VEJA, Exame, Revista A, Grupo Abril, Burti, Globo.com and HBO. Majored in Marketing (ESPM), Mr. Ferreira has a MBA degree in Luxury Management from FAAP.

Raphael Jimenez – Commercial Director SP

Mr. Jimenez has been with the firm for 12 years, as part of the Commercial team of the company. His previous experiences include various positions at Citibank, Credicard and Bradesco. Mr. Jimenez holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from PUC, and an MBA in Strategic Marketing and Sales Management from FGV.

Luiz Pavan – Real Estate Director

Mr. Pavan has been with the firm for 12 years, in the Real Estate area. His previous experiences include positions at PPR ad agency and Microsoft. Mr. Pavan holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Universidade de Santo Amaro, and an MBA in Business Management from FGV.

Eduardo Alvarenga
Ricardo Winandy
Rodrigo Cadena
Lucio Schneider
Raphael Jimenez
Claudio Ferreira
Luiz Pavan
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